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Inglés para el Trabajo: Atención al Público (B2)

80,00 (sin I.V.A.)

20 horas

Duración licencia: 2 meses

+ 3 Speaking Tutorials (30 mins.)

Welcoming and introductions
Study and practise language used when welcoming and introducing someone to your staff and place of work.

Giving instructions
Study language to describe bureaucratic procedures, and practise explaining where to go and what to do.

Giving information
Practise giving information, explaining requirements and responding to frequently asked questions, and study language of necessity.

Dealing with requests
Practise dealing with different types of requests, giving directions, making suggestions and dealing with complaints.

Problem solving
Practise useful language used when solving problems, such as making offers, giving explanations, apologising and expressing sympathy.

Describing options
Practise presenting different options, and study language related to higher education.

In this part you can test what you know about the topic.


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