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Inglés para el Trabajo: Atención Telefónica (B1)

80,00 (sin I.V.A.)

20 horas

Duración licencia: 2 meses

+ 3 Speaking Tutorials (30 mins.)

Phone basics
Listen to different kinds of calls and practise vocabulary and numbers.

Phone calls
Practise useful vocabulary and language to use in different phoning situations, and watch videos of phone calls.

Taking messages and orders
Practise taking messages and orders over the phone

Making and receiving calls
Practise more useful expressions for making and receiving calls, and practise pronunciation and spelling words over the phone.

Making decisions
Study language of making decisions and referring to different places.

Getting out of trouble
Practise ways of dealing with calls that are difficult to understand.

In this part you can test what you know about the topic.


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