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Inglés para el Trabajo: Negociación (B2)

80,00 (sin I.V.A.)

20 horas

Duración licencia: 2 meses

+ 2 Writng Tutorias + 2 Speaking Tutorials (30 mins.)

Formal and informal contexts
Study and practise language used in informal and formal negotiating contexts.

Introductions and setting the agenda
Study and practise language used at the «introductions» and «setting the agenda» stages of negotiation.

Movement, concessions and closing a negotiation
Study language used during the process of negotiating and for closing a negotiation.

Functions of negotiating
Study and practise the language of making suggestions, stating conditions, and accepting and rejecting.

Reaching an agreement
Watch a video of negotiations of a sponsorship deal, and practise negotiating.

Negotiating tips
Read an article about negotiating, and study idioms and phrasal verbs.

In this part you can test what you know about the topic.


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