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Inglés para el Trabajo: Presentaciones (B2)

80,00 (sin I.V.A.)

20 horas

Duración licencia: 2 meses

+ 2 Writng Tutorias + 2 Speaking Tutorials (30 mins.)

Staging a presentation
Learn useful words and expressions, learn how to structure a presentation, and watch a video of a presentation that doesn’t go very well.

Presenting a tourist activity
Study an example presentation, and practise more useful language used when making a presentation.

Giving information and using visual aids
Study language to describe tendencies and changes, and practise using visual aids.

Structuring a presentation
Study how to make a presentation more effective.

Presenting your company or organisation
Practise clear, persuasive language to describe your company or organisation.

Presenting a service
Practise formal and descriptive language for written presentations, and study more useful language for describing a service.

In this part you can test what you know about the topic.


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