Inglés para el Trabajo: Reuniones (B1)

80,00  (sin I.V.A.)

20 horas

Duración licencia: 2 meses

+ 2 Writng Tutorias + 2 Speaking Tutorials (30 mins.)

Arranging a meeting
Practise language used when arranging a meeting and watch a video of people having a meeting.

Progress report and action points
Practise reporting progress and listing action points (things you are going to do) during a meeting.

Stages of a meeting
Listen to different stages of a meeting and practise language for staging a meeting.

Speculating and planning
Practise language used to speculate, make plans and talk about what you have done.

Referring to time
Read an email, and practise different ways of referring to time.

A business trip
Practise describing a business trip and reporting what happened at a meeting.

In this part you can test what you know about the topic.


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